Components of a Great Love

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Love:  The ultimate journey AND destination of the human experience.  We all want it, we all need it, we all have it, we all want to give it.  We are IT.  We are Love.  That is at our core, that is what drives us, and the loss of love is the greatest pain we endure.

We use the word Love easily…we love a sunny day, we love vacation, we love our kids, our dogs, our partners, our friends.  We love chocolate (oh, yes we do!).   We use the word so often that we can sometimes lose sight of exactly what kind of love we are trying to express when the subject turns to life changing love, or what I call Great Love.

Great Love is the love between people who have that special connection and desire to belong to each other and share their lives and all that comes with it. Good times, hard times, mundane days and exciting adventures.  Sickness and health.  Wealth or struggle.  Someone to ride the Ebb and Flow of life with.  That is Great Love.

Many dream of and wish for a Great Love and most couples, at least in the beginning, hope to have found it in each other.  But how do we really know?  How do determine if this love that we have found has what it takes to be the Great Love we hope to find?  Just what ARE the components of a Great Love?

*   Respect

*   Commitment

*   Empathy

*   Authenticity

*   Intimacy (not the same as sex, but that is important in it’s own right too)

*   Alignment of Values

*   Willingness to be Vulnerable

*   Ability to Persist

Much of these components are measures of emotional intelligence, but in the realm of a Great Love, it goes deeper than that.  Each relationship where there is love has at least some level of each of these components, but it takes skill, consistency and a re-learning of how we view ourselves and our partners to bring us to Great Love.

I wish you Great Love…but even more, I wish you the desire and courage to create Great Love together in a way that will continue to grow as life changes; let’s get started!