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Having the Relationship you really want is not only possible, it’s important!

Nothing in life is more important than relationships.

Growing a great love is more than a matter of will or choice.  Learning how to truly love each other and your self over a lifetime requires a greater level of awareness and skills that most people simply are not taught.

While half of marriages end in divorce, that also means that half of them don’t!  Let’s take the time to set the odds in your favor to be that couple that loves each other for a lifetime!

Let’s get started!


Forever Foundation Package: $2,995.00

  • Four powerful sessions over a six-week period
  • Includes materials:  two binders with all materials, reading list, targeted strengths, values and potential traps assessments, emotional intelligence assessment and tools, intimacy/trust building and communication exercises
  • Includes follow up:  6 month check in appointment, unlimited emails for 1 year, and two 1/2 price future sessions for 1 full year (we call these sessions “hurdle helpers” to help you should you encounter any relationship rough spots along the way).


Now and Forever Package:  $997.00

  • Full day intensive in-person workshop in a beautiful and private location that can be done as a couple or as a single.
  • Includes all Forever Foundation materials and Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • Includes 3 month check in follow up appointment.
  • Perfect for those who do not have time or budget for a six week adventure.


Foundation Building Session:  $249.00

  • One jam-packed discovery session to get you moving in the best direction (towards each other!).
  • Includes emotional intelligence assessment (done prior to the appointment time), reading list, values assessment, custom coaching including intimacy/trust building and safe, clear communication.


First Step: Exploration:  $150.00

Not ready for a package and not feeling the need for a full blown emotional intelligence assessment?  No problem!  Let’s get together for individual work and get you pointed in the right direction!