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Trust is the foundation that all relationships are built on, or break on.

Trust is the result of purposeful and complete honesty.

Trust is the ultimate place of vulnerability, when you trust someone you give them the power to deeply disappoint you; at the same time, if you do not trust someone you also will not get to experience deep love with them.  Great love requires trust.

Trust is knowing that you do not have to check up on someone to know they are doing the right thing.

Trust is not only something we wish to have in others, but it begins with being able to trust ourselves.

When Trust is Broken

Broken trust is painful.  The greatest pain in broken trust is often not that someone lied to us, but that we have lost our faith in being able to believe in them again.  When someone we trust betrays us, it makes us question our own ability to discern whom and how to trust someone else.  The pain of broken trust is most often one that we hold within ourselves and has less to do with the other person than our own ability to trust ourselves to choose when and whom to trust more wisely.

Healing a Broken Trust

Healing a broken trust is absolutely possible, but rarely easy as we have to overcome our own feelings of vulnerability and the acknowledgement that imperfect humans sometimes use poor judgment and that it may even happen again sometime in the future.  Sometimes the choice to trust again is done with conscious choice to choose love over perfection.

Having someone question their ability to trust you, feels like a punch to the gut.  To not be trusted activates our “not good enough” voice and we fear that we will never quite measure up, that our imperfections are greater than we thought, or worse, that the person who doubts our integrity may somehow be right.  Having someone not trust you can easily activate your own self-doubt.

If you are struggling to trust someone else, are you able to clearly communicate this and find a way to let go of your fear?

To be trusted is a profoundly high level of love.

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