Love Yourself Better

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Relationship Insurance | Affirmations | Love YourselfGreat Love is an inside job.  It starts with you and radiates out to someone else. As I used to tell my children when they were young “I can not give you what I do not have.”  So it is with Love.

When I am asked the question (by pretty much 98% of my clients) of “how do I save my relationship?” or “how do I make our love better?”, the answer always starts with the question “How well do you love yourself?”

Love Yourself

Here is a down and dirty list of 20 great affirmations to help you do just that: Love Yourself Better.

It starts with a powerful affirmation from you and to you and exclusively for you (did you get the idea that this is really all about you?  Good!).  Read these out loud to yourself and try them on.  Pick the ones that feel the most powerful to you and write them down (just a few will do, and feel free to change them up whenever you like).  Put them where you can see them and read them again at least once a day, every day for 21 days.  Let them happen, let them become part of you.  Grow the love within yourself and the love in your life will follow.  There is nothing more magnetically lovable than a happy, loving you.  Ready?  Here we go:

Beginning Right Now, I will start:

  1. Being aware of my thought process
  2. Practicing being in the moment – not in the future or past
  3. Paying attention to physical sensations – the coolness of the floor under my feet, the way my chest rises when I breathe, my eye lids gliding over my eyes when I open and close them, etc.
  4. Believing in myself
  5. Giving myself credit for my accomplishments
  6. Doing things I find scary or difficult
  7. Setting an example of having healthy boundaries by respecting myself first
  8. Having self-discipline
  9. Focusing on the positive and what is good in my life and my self
  10. Allowing others to be responsible for their own experience of life – resigning as general manager of the Universe and the well-being and happiness of all creatures who reside within it.
  11. Believing others who affirm my worth
  12. Lowering my perfectionist standards to allow for my humanity
  13. Engaging in self-affirmation
  14. Maintaining self-acceptance
  15. Realizing that I have not quit… I am still here and am always improving
  16. Partitioning myself off from the bad memories of the past
  17. Thinking of myself as a good and positive person
  18. Being determined to get more joy out of life
  19. Being my own best friend
  20. Allowing others to have their own experiences/perceptions/ideas apart from my own.

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