Love Is Life

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Love is Life | Heart | Relationship Insurance“Where there is Love, there is Life” – Mahatma Gandhi

Love is Universal

Every human in every corner of the world starts as an infant seeking to be cared for, seeking to be loved.  Love is essential to our very survival.  It has been the igniting spark of inspiration since the beginning of time for music, art, stories, poems, and more.  It is rife with pain and pleasure; the ultimate experience of being human.  It is one of the few things worth dying for simply because life without love falls short of what most people describe as “living”.  Love creates life. Love is life.

Powerful stuff, right?

Don’t Wait for Love

Here is the good news; this powerful force of Love is not something you have to get from someone else.  The ability to love and Love itself, exists within each of us.  Where we get confused is thinking that we need to get love in order to have love.  Then it becomes something outside of ourselves and something we have to search for, conquer, gather, hoard, grab onto and can ultimately lose.

The experience of losing the love of someone else can be excruciatingly painful.  We are taught to value ourselves through the eyes of others and therefore, being loved by someone else would mean that we are worthy and valuable beings.  The lesson is backwards.  You  are already a worthy and valuable being of Love and the love of another person does not make you that; you are already that.  But it gets better.

Love from one person, when mixed well with Love from another person, grows exponentially.  Love given away and shared with others doesn’t get smaller, it gets bigger.  Love wasn’t meant to be caught, grabbed onto, hoarded and held tightly in ownership; it was meant to be shared, grown, celebrated and to shine its brilliant light on everything else without ever leaving it’s place of origin; your soul.

Love is Life

When we embrace the idea that we are love, that love is life, we become less desperate to get love from someone else.  We become less needy, less dramatic, less clingy and more able to actually share and grow love from a place of strength and joy.

There is nothing more powerful than the relationship of two healthy people who embrace their own Love and then grow it together.  Together, when we combine the very essence of what we are and we live our lives from the core of our own Love shining outward we are stronger, brighter, and a powerful force of positive potential to affect the world and everything in it.

Don’t wait for love.  You are Love.  Be You.  Be Amazing.

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