Happily Forever After…or for Now

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Love is Forever | Relationship Insurance | Be PresentCinderella and Prince Charming

Snow White and Prince Charming

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming

(Boy, that Prince Charming gets around)

Shrek and Fiona Ogre

What do they have in common?  Their stories include “and they lived happily ever after”….or in the case of Shrek and Fiona they lived happily IN Ever After…but I digress.

We all grew up with a particular expectation.  Love is forever.  The goal?  Yep – forever.  How long is that?  It’s a long long long long time.

And yet, some people make it.  And most don’t.

Forever Doesn’t Exist

What is your relationship goal?  What if I told you that it is okay not to be focused on forever?  What if I told you that you would be better off NOT focusing on forever?  What if I told you that forever doesn’t even exist?

Are you still reading?  Good.

See, forever is a concept only.  All we really have is NOW.  We dream of forever and of course we do things in the present moment to set the stage and increase the odds of a happy tomorrow. But the bottom line, the truth of the fact is that the only time that actually exists is now.  You can only take action now. You can only feel now.  Your whole life exists in this one tiny little continuous fraction of time called now.

Are you still reading?  THANK YOU for spending your now with me!  I will do my best not to waste it.

Right Now Is What Matters

See, the point of this post is to bring you directly into the space of time that matters and to help you make the most of it.  Right now is where your life is happening.  This very moment you have the ability to think, feel, act and be present to what IS (instead of what you wished for, what already happened or what you are hoping won’t happen at all).  Right now the experience of being alive is available to you in all of its glory.

Your experience is now.  Are you happy?  How do you know?  The only place that happiness exists is now.  This is also the only place that worry, anxiety, anger and sadness and joy exists as well.  What thoughts are you entertaining in your now?  Memories?  Worries?  Awareness of what is happening and what is?  Are you focused on what is right or what is wrong?  Are you relishing in the amazing gift of being alive and the miracles happening around you and in you, or are you thinking about what is missing, what you wanted instead or what could be better?  You have the power to experience your now however you choose.

Be Present

Happiness does not exist in the future.  It exists only in the now.  Are you present?  Stop and breathe and look around.  What is in your life right now?  What is working?  Who is there?  What is there?  What is right?  Do you have food to eat?  A roof over your head?  Someone who cares about you? Is there love in your life?  Embrace it in the moment and say hello to happy.


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