Commitment: Happy Makes Healthy

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To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.  Those words of commitment are more than mere traditional wedding vows; they also hold a possible answer to the age-old question of “how to live a longer and happier life”.   In short, a happy, committed relationship has the ability to help you live better, healthier and longer.  An unhappy, stressful relationship creates quite literally a broken heart and raises your chances for heart disease, higher blood pressure and an earlier death.  Wow – that seems like a darn good reason to pay attention and create a great relationship doesn’t it?  This is just one more reason that the goal is a happy relationship, not just finding a mate.

Happy Makes Healthy

So, let’s give this idea of creating a happy, committed relationship some more fuel on its fire.  Here are three great reasons to have a happy relationship (it is so worth the effort):

1)      You will live longer. This is a bonus if you are happier too because happy people enjoy life and want to live longer.  Miserable people are more likely to think a longer life isn’t such a good idea.  According to recent research posted on, committed relationships (marriage) can extend a man’s life by as much as 30% and a woman’s by 20% (we were living longer already).  Being in  a committed relationship also reduces risk taking behavior that can shorten the lifespan too.  Quite simply, it gives you something more important to live for!

2)      Being in a happy, committed relationship also equates to more regular and enjoyable sex – which can burn an additional 88 calories for a 150 pound woman and 160 calories for an 180 pound man in only 25 minutes from start to finish!  Doesn’t sound like much?  It is actually the same amount as a rowing machine or stationary bicycle.  The big finish (orgasm) is equivalent to bounding up a flight of stairs too…and much more fun.  Exercise is good for you!

3)      Happily committed couples also enjoy lower blood pressure and better overall health.  Having emotional support and someone to urge you to go to the doctor and take better care of yourself makes a difference.  When we are happy together, our motivation to be healthier for each other is higher.  We win all the way around!

So, live long and prosper, my friends…and do it together for best results!

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