Being Your Best; Invite More Love To Your Life

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Invite More Love | Relationship InsuranceLove begins inside and shines out.

As terribly unromantic as it sounds, “finding true love” is something of a misnomer.  We don’t go outward to find true love.  True love exists within us. Finding someone else to share our lives and love with is an added bonus for both!

Invite More Love To Your Life

Too many times we have all seen others (and perhaps even ourselves) go through a time when it seemed like the love in our lives was coming from an external source; from our relationship with another person who made us feel more worthy, more special, more wonderful than we had before.  It is easy to think that this love is coming from them to us and filling us up, but I propose a new view on this.  I propose the view that this person is reflecting in us our own ability to love. Their light and ours reflect off of each other and we see our own worth in looking at theirs.

It is a beautiful thing; to love and be loved back.  So, how do we get more love?  We start with ourselves and open our hearts more; to ourselves.  We invite more love into our lives. How?  Here is one of my favorite ways.

Read each line to yourself starting with the words “Beginning Right Now, I AM….” and see how they fit with you.

Which ones hit the spot and which ones make you cringe because you realize perhaps they aren’t completely true yet?  Make note of those.  This is where you can open up some more and let love grow there.

 Beginning Right Now, I Am:

  1. Being aware of my thought process
  2. Practicing being in the moment – not in the future or past
  3. Paying attention to physical sensations – the coolness of the floor under my feet, the way my chest rises when I breathe, my eye lids gliding over my eyes when I open and close them, etc.
  4. Believing in myself
  5. Giving myself credit for my accomplishments
  6. Doing things I find scary or difficult in order to learn and grow
  7. Doing my best and being proud of myself
  8. Having self-discipline
  9. Focusing on the positive and what is good in my life and my self
  10. Giving myself permission to be human and to feel without judgment
  11. Believing others who affirm my worth
  12. Paying attention to where I am putting my time, energy and money and make sure they are aligned with my true priorities
  13. Engaging in self-affirmation
  14. Appreciating the greatness in myself
  15. Realizing that I have not quit… I am still here and am always improving
  16. Partitioning myself off from the bad memories of the past.  I am not my past; I choose who I am today
  17. Thinking of myself as a good and positive person
  18. Giving myself permission to make myself my top priority
  19. Being my own best friend
  20. Allowing others to have their own experiences/perceptions/ideas apart from my own.

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