LYNDA BISHOP, MPC, CEC,  Your Trusted Relationship Adviserhanging hearts unwritten

I am Lynda Bishop, and relationships are my passion.  I have been working with couples, individuals and families since 2005 when I began my career in counseling as a divorce recovery/relationship transition therapist.


My education is in professional counseling, empowerment coaching and emotional intelligence.  My expertise evolved from divorce recovery therapy to crisis intervention to problem-preventative pre-marital coaching.  I have been in the trenches of divorce recovery and have a deeper understanding than most of what pitfalls damage relationships beyond repair. I also have a deepened knowledge of what great relationships have at their core to make difficult navigation even possible over the longer road. I also know how to navigate tough communication and create deep, lasting connection and life changing intimacy.


I have been working with relationships professionally for 15 years.

Like most people, I did not start out knowing what I was doing. I wanted true love more than anything; to love someone and be loved back. I had no idea how to do that well or how to even figure out if the person I was with was someone that could make the journey with me.

My first marriage ended in divorce. He was my best friend and in the beginning, I really thought we could make it work. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. It takes more than friendship. It takes more than being a good person. It takes more than a willingness or desire to want to. Now I get it.

I was a single mother for 13 years, was blessed by a few very special relationships (thank you – next), met the love of my life and took a good long time to decide to marry again.

I have been part of the loving journey of over 1,000 clients and have learned more than I could have hoped for (I am not done learning either!). I know now what I didn’t know then.


Life is messy and loving someone for a lifetime isn’t a miracle, it is a combination of determination and skills specific to you and your partner. It is also spiritual by nature. A Soul Connected Great Love is much bigger than any of us are by ourselves. If you have found that special connection with someone whom lights up your soul, you have the first and most important base to build upon. Don’t be fooled though – that alone isn’t going to make it work (but what a great place to start!).

Relationship Insurance is for couples who have a special connection. It is also for forward planning singles who want a lifetime full of love, commitment, respect, intimacy and growth and who do NOT want to “settle” for good enough or end up as another divorce or failed relationship statistic.

I proudly serve clients from all communities; never-been-married, thinking-about-getting-married, absolutely-getting-married, divorced, getting-married again, super excited to finally find that special person (no settling!) and the rest. Straight, LGBTQ, from every faith, age and every corner of the world.  I firmly believe that love is love and everyone is welcome here.


The desire and need to love and be loved is at the core of all human beings. There is nothing more important than honoring the Love within your self and purposefully, skillfully loving others for a better life; a better world. Love is truly all that matters.








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