LYNDA BISHOP, MPC, CEC,  Your Trusted Relationship Advisorhanging hearts unwritten

I am Lynda Bishop, and relationships are my passion.  I have been working with couples, individuals and families since 2005 when I began my career in counseling as a divorce recovery/relationship transition therapist.


My education is in professional counseling, empowerment coaching and emotional intelligence.  My expertise evolved from divorce recovery therapy to crisis intervention to problem-preventative pre-marital coaching.  I have been in the trenches of divorce recovery and have a deeper understanding than most of what pitfalls damage relationships beyond repair.  I also know how to navigate tough communication and create deep, lasting connection and life changing intimacy.


I have been working with relationships professionally for 15 years.

My first marriage ended in divorce.  He was my best friend and I really thought we could make it work. We didn’t do any substantial pre-marital counseling.  We didn’t know what we didn’t know.  Now I get it.

I was a single mother for 13 years.

I am now happily married to my partner for life.  I know now what I didn’t know then.

Lynda and Ken; happily partnered for life!
Lynda and Ken; happily partnered for life!


I am passionate about my role as a trusted advisor to couples, families and individuals who want to create the kind of love that grows deeper over time and stronger through challenges. I am here to help couples who have found love (or singles who are preparing themselves for the real thing)  to build a stronger foundation and instill the important relationship building skills that it takes to nurture and grow their relationship throughout a lifetime of inevitable changes.


Life is messy and loving someone for a lifetime isn’t a miracle, it is a choice combined with determination and skills specific to you and your partner.

Relationship Insurance is for couples and forward planning singles who want a lifetime full of love, commitment, respect, intimacy and growth and who do NOT want to be another divorce or failed relationship statistic.

I proudly serve clients from all communities; never-been-married, thinking-about-getting-married, absolutely-getting-married, divorced, getting-married again, super excited to finally GET to get married and the rest.  Straight, LGBTQ, from every faith, age and every corner of the world.  I firmly believe that love is love and everyone is welcome here.


Your Love Matters.






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